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Colorful versatility.

Offset printing, or lithography, is the most widely available way to create a lasting impression on paper. Combining professional appeal with competitive pricing, this process gives your firm's letterhead, logo and other images a look that is flush with the page. And while it may not have the same tactile finesse as engraving, offset printing does deliver quality results with fast, flexible and cost-effective production.

The Process
As the first step in traditional offset printing, a high-resolution image is used to make the printing plate for your project. This plate is attached to a cylinder and kept moist so that ink only adheres to the image portions. During the print run, ink from the plate is transferred or "offset" to a blanket cylinder, which then transfers the ink onto the paper, effectively printing your piece.
From the complexities of four-color processing to simple one color production, ASL can handle your offset printing with the care and expertise you'd expect from a business with over a half century of experience.
Paper Selections
With offset printing, your paper selection options are virtually unlimited, giving you the creative freedom to choose from any stock available.
Ink Colors and Types
You can choose your preferred ink color(s) using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) on uncoated and coated paper for accurate color matching. Offset printing inks are transparent and opaque, which can affect the appearance of your final piece, particularly with colored stock. ASL representatives are adept at guiding you through these intricacies to produce a piece that meets your firm's exact standards.
Due to absorption differences, the same PMS number ink can create a completely different shade or color when engraved, printed or thermographed. It is also important to note that color variances may be apparent when on different color and finished stocks.
Popular or unique, we have thousands of typestyles from which to choose. With offset, there are no particular typestyle guidelines or restrictions and your font is printed at a resolution of 1200 dpi for high-quality effect.
Offset printing reproduces images and graphics with accuracy to give your stationery and other materials a look of clear professionalism.