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Adding dimension raises the bar on flat printing.

Engraving brings unparalleled elegance and dimension to everything it touches. Regarded as the finest way to set ink on paper, engraving lends a look of prestige to your firm. Engraving results will set you apart with a classic quality and successful style that reflects your business image.

The Process
Born in the 15th century, this unique process entails engraving or cutting lines onto the surface of a metal die, which is then positioned on a press, coated with ink, and wiped so that only the etched areas of the plate remain filled. Exerting tremendous pressure (up to 4,000 pounds per square inch), the image is transferred from die to paper producing a finely detailed, raised image on the surface with a subtle reverse indentation on the back.
The ASL engraving process blends traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art pre-press for optimal quality. And we are one of the only engraving companies in the world with an in-house machine shop and research and development team who continually re-engineer equipment and tailor processes to better meet your needs.
Paper Selections
With engraving, you can choose from virtually any paper type for high quality results. Cotton-fiber papers with high tensile strength work particularly well. Coated papers should be tested first for suitability. Prior to final production, heavily raised-grain stock may need to be bumped out altering the finish in the impression area, creating a more suitable surface for quality engraving. This additional process can entail added time and cost to the project.
Ink Colors and Types
Engraving gives you an unlimited palette of colors including metallics and a choice of dull or glossy finishes. You can choose your preferred ink color(s) using the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Remember, there are no limitations to the number of colors chosen to be used on one piece, but each color will be an additional pass through the press adding time and cost.
The inks used in the engraving process provide unparalleled brilliance and opacity. Screens can be used to achieve uniform appearance with larger image areas. Due to absorption differences, the same PMS number ink can create a completely different shade or color when engraved, printed or thermographed. It is also important to note that color variances may be apparent when on different color and finished stocks.
The engraving process brings a crisp refinement to virtually any typestyle or font from the thousands available. Contact your representative for details and options.
Custom engraving offers a dimensional look and feel that aptly captures and reflects your firm’s visual identity for years to come. From stationery to business cards, only engraving can present your images, logos and other graphics with the precise clarity of 2400+ dpi (dots per inch).
Engraving Tips
The stock type, size and depth of lettering or logos, intricacy of design and typestyle choice can all influence the steps required to produce the highest quality engraved image. Be sure to involve both your engraver and your designer as early in the process to avoid any delay in the production of your items.