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Helping you define your brand.

Over the course of more than 60 years, ASL has consistently demonstrated its ability to successfully manage smooth conversions & transitions for law firms of all sizes. In fact, we have assisted many of the largest global firms with the legal industry's most notable re-branding and conversion projects.

Requirements Assessment & project Planning
ASL will meet and collaborate with all the appropriate personnel within your law firm to understand your specific requirements and business rules; then analyze, plan, and establish best practices for the initial and ongoing processes and procedures for servicing your account.
A dedicated project team is assembled
Comprehensive requirements analysis is undertaken to evaluate your law firm's needs with respect to:
Service & communication preferences
Contacts & users at all office locations
Product specifications & product demand
Workflow: ordering, receiving, payment, storage, usage
Shipping preferences & packing slips
Billing & invoices; statements
Anticipated future changes
Timing requirements
Training requirements
A customized business plan between your law firm and ASL will be created, agreed upon, and implemented, under which, among other things, ASL will:
Customize a communication plan to all offices
Establish online ordering and tracking programs
Conduct remote web training for administrators who will be directing and managing your purchasing program, as well as your firm's general users who will be purchasing within the program, to ensure a seamless transition
E-Business & Brand Management Capabilities
A powerful online administrative tool provides a comprehensive suite of features to aid your firm in managing its brand, and ensuring consistency across multiple departments and locations. Save significant time & money by taking advantage of our award-winning website capabilities, enabling valued employees to be more productive and efficient.
Access your firm's personalized items by category or office location
Create & approve proofs online
Create & configure users across all departments or locations
Set spending limits, order approval requirements & email notifications
Control the navigation and the items that are displayed to any given user or group of users
Project Rollout Activities
ASL can also assist your firm in establishing a conversion rollout campaign — all at no charge:
We can help your firm to customize an email announcement to your employees that is linked to your ASL online ordering site
Allow us to coordinate with your firm to accommodate a link to your ASL online ordering site from your firm's Intranet or users' desktops
We can aid in implementing a custom "Welcome" page
Online training materials are readily available
Custom webinars are also available to your firm

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